Final Post of the Genius Hour


Throughout this genius hour project, I have researched to answer this question which communication app is best across settings? This question has changed from the original to is it worth it to spend a lot of money when a cheaper app is similar and can do about the same? For this narrowed down question, I focused on three apps, which are Prologuo2Go, MyTalk, and iCommunicate.


To further my research it is important to know each app works. I can do all the research about these apps, but unless I truly know how they work and how easy they are to use, it is pointless. I believe to further this research that I need to talk to people who have the apps and use them daily. The opinions’ of the users matter and needs to be taken into consideration.


I believe in the future if someone wanted to continue this research or ask a similar question, it would be important to interview or survey people who use these apps. I also believe it is important to see if any research is being down for these apps or similar ones.  The apps being researched can change, but it is important to understand how the apps work which is difficult to do without trying them out. This was an interesting research assignment and I learned about many new apps that can benefit my future students.


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