What I have Learned

Throughout this project, I have learner about a lot of different AT communication apps for ipads, and androids.  My focus has been more on the ipad, since that is what I have.  I also feel like an ipad is something easy to use for anyone, and androids to me are a little confusing.

I have learned a lot just by narrowing down the question. The question went from a very board question about communication apps to a narrowed down question discussing three communication apps.  I have learned a lot from research these apps.  All the reviews I have read are positive on these three apps.  It seems like to me that it depends on the user to decide which app is best for them.

I feel the only thing I have left to learn is how these three apps really work.  To be able to do this, I would have to know someone who already owns the apps or purchase the apps myself.  I have already worked with proloquo2go before, but not the other apps.  For future researchers, I would recommend contacting the companies for more information or contacting people who own the apps.



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