More Research

Since my last post, I have decided to focus on 3 apps that vary in price and a little in function.  All of these apps provide a voice to the user, but some apps expand on what else they can do.  I am using the apps websites to help me further my research and read reviews.  The apps I will focus on are MyTalk, iCommunicate, and Proloquo2Go.

Prologuo2Go is a communication app that provides a voice to the user.  That is the only function of this app.  It is customizable app that allows the user to press buttons to form sentences and have the device speak those sentences.  This app is also the most expensive app, which prompted the question of: is there a cheaper one that works the same?

MyTalk is an app very similar to Prologuo2Go, but it cost less.  Prologuo2Go cost $189 and MyTalk cost $39.99.  MyTalk is also a customizable app that gives the user a voice that he or she wouldn’t have without it.  I would love the opportunity to use both of these apps to see the difference between them.  It would be helpful to see if Prologuo2Go is worth the extra money.

iCommunicate is an ACC app that gives the user a voice, but also can show a picture schedule, show routines, storyboards, and more.  This app only cost $49.99. Between all of the apps, this one offers more for a lower price.  I would be interested to see if it works better than the others and how it works.


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