As I begin my research into the question of which communication app is the best across settings, I am realizing just how many different types of these apps are out there for purchase. All of these apps are similar and can perform the same function, but what varies is the price and how easy it is to use. There hasn’t been a lot of research articles for the different communication apps, which makes it tough to figure out which one is the best to use.

I have started my research by looking in the Apple app store to see what kind of communication apps there are and how expensive they are. I have found several that have free trials, but you then have to purchase the real app to continue using it. I know a popular app for communication is proloqu2go. This app is around 300 dollars. Which brings up the question of, is it worth it to spend that much when a cheaper app is similar and can do about the same?

I believe that to continue this research, I either need to be able to use the apps and compare them myself, or do research for specific apps by talking to people who use them, reading reviews, and looking at the websites for each one. This means that instead of focusing on a wide range of communication apps and finding the best one, I will focus on 3-5 of them to see which is the best out of those options.


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