Genius Hour Question

For my genius hour project, I will focus on the question “which communication app is best across settings?” The reason  I chose to focus on this is to benefit my future students.  I feel that for my students to be successful, they must be able to communicate and not just in the classroom.  Students need to be able to communicate with their family, in the community, and in school settings.  Think about how you communicate in each setting.  Do you communicate the same?  Why should we limit the way students with disabilities are able to communicate?

I feel that as a future educator that this is a very important subject to research.  If educators can find apps that work across settings, and that students are comfortable using when they are younger, then it increases the the communication students are able to do.  I think that parents, teachers, and school staff will be interested in my question.  All these people play a key role in everyday interactions and providing supports to the student.

A good place to start my research is in the different app stores.  These stores offer reviews from users and descriptions on the different apps.  Social media sites might also be helpful to see what the professionals are talking about. For instance, on twitter the #CommsChat or #communication are good places to start.  I look forward to researching all of the communication apps!


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